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Webflow doesn't allow delivery to Wallis And Futuna?


I’m astonished but Webflow blocks deliveries to Wallis and Futuna… I have no idea why.
I was trying to use this country for a free delivery partner program twist (using a script) and it blocked people from actually making the transaction.


By switching this country to “French Southern Territories” there were no more problems, even with the script in place re-writing the country’s name into something else…

Why is that so ?
Wallis and Futuna is such a lovely country name :slight_smile:

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Hello @pepperclip

Maybe you can reach and they will help or say what’s causing the problem.

Piter :webflow_heart:

@PiterDimitrov I’ll do that, of course :sweat_smile: .

I posted here wondering if other people had a similar issue with countries in the shipping zones list.

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Ou I see. Is there other topics related to this?

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