Webflow displays a bug when a CMS content is missing

Hey community! I’m wondering if someone could help me here…

So I’m using a CMS collection to build a product accordion, which has a grid with different features on it. I have 6 features specified for a particular section: but the products are still somewhat different: for one product, there are 6 features, for another 3 or 2…

It works, but I noticed that Webflow creates a bug when a CMS content item is missing: i’m attaching a screenshot to exemplify what I mean.

I’m wondering… how should this be fixed? Could I specify to leave it empty if content is unspecified from within the CMS? Or any other solutions? I’d appreciate help here! Thanks so much!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - ARX Website

Hi Olga,

You have your conditional visibility set to the text elements classed Chip-card-text however they are inside of a wrapper div classed Chip-card. Because of this, the text conditionally disappears but the wrapper is still visible ( but collapsed ).

To fix this, remove the conditional vis from the text element and add it to the wrapper instead, which I’ve indicated with the gold arrow.

Hey hey – this worked!! Thanks a lot for your help!