Webflow display ads

Hello People of Webflow,

You remarketing ads works well :smiley:
I’m not a web marketing expert, but do you really want to target so massively people already working with and paying for Webflow?

Give it up Laurent_Hayoz … I’ve addressed this already, as well as even more blatant marketing flaws… They’d never care.

@uzzer And then, what do you care ?

Just wanted to bring up a question and know more about it, as I am actually interested in how such strategy is built.

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All I meant was that they’d hardly pay any attention to your post - judging on my own experience of bringing up the same and similar questions.

Anything else would just make them look like weebly/wix who cater and advertise towards the casual user. Such a strategy I’m sure would not attract the likes of the big names they have plastered on their home page. Don’t you think?

It’s like advertising Hyundai or Ferrari if you ask me.

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