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Webflow Discord Channel - General, Help, Share

Hey everyone,

I’ve started a little webflow based discord channel, figured it could be a good place to share ideas, knowledge, and interact with community members. If you have discord, or have some questions jump on and join :smiley:

Link Here: Webflow Community

Update (2020): The Webflow Community Discord, now has over 1,000 members, actively sharing content and helping others! We look forward to meeting you! :sunny:

Update (2021): Over 6,000 members :tada: Isn’t that cool! Lots of regular members, chats and great people + we’re now part of the discord discovery program. Thanks and welcome to all. See you at 10,000!


We also have a Webflow Slack Channel
Join here

As the membership grows in this chat, Slack (free) no longer scales for larger groups like us, as Slack was originally intended for companies and small group work. Also I had to work around/against lots of limitations here on Slack, and older messages are lost forever :frowning:

Tom has started a separate server on Discord, and I hope you’ll join us all there: (this is a permanant invite link - feel free to share it)

@Thomas_92 any chance you could provide an updated invite? getting an error on the above.

Sure can,

This should work now:

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Hello, Thomas!

The link doesn’t work. Could you share another one?

Thank you in advance!


I just tested it again and it seems to work, but here’s another channel link that might work


Thanks a ton, Thomas!

I’m really glad to join the community!

Hi Thomas,

Please update the invitation link as I want to join.

Thank You
Hani Amer

Incase anyone needed a new link - Webflow Community