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Webflow Developer required for 2 hours tomorrow (Saturday 18th)

Hi ho, hi ho its Synchrony with flow…

My name is Rob. Its been almost 10 years since I started building a website and boy has it got easier. I have time sensitive campaign that I must go live with Sunday.
While I have made a good start to the landing page I’m looking for a developer to fast track me to styling and tidying up of things as its not responding correctly.

The landing page video encourages them to sign up for free to access a gated content page. I’m using member stack platforms which is 80% configured but not tested yet as I still have to do some configuration on webflow.

Here is the landing page so far.

I’m going to bed shortly as I’m on Irish GMT time but will respond 1st thing.

I usually wake around 7am so can jump on a call with anybody interested to discuss further.

Many Thanks


I would be glad to help you.

Feel free to contact me with more info. :slight_smile:


Hi Teresa, Thank you for getting back to me. What are your rates?

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Hi Jean, I’m afraid my budget would only stretch to €50 just for this particular task. Could you work with this?

Many Thanks

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@breakingflow Welcome to Webflow!
It looks like @PixelPanda has you covered this time.

I only work on 22nd of each month at 44$ an hour.

sorry, couldn’t resist :joy:

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Ha…if this were true I would have had to hire you :joy:

Yes, position filled. Thanks Steven.