Webflow Designer Pop-up based on Browser Sizing

Hello Forum,

When designing in the Webflow Designer, if you reseize your browser so that it becomes too narrow a pop-up window is displayed asking you to increase the size of your web browser. How may I recreate this same effect? I’m wanting to display this same pop-up when the pixel size is below 960 pixels in width and also below 960 pixels in height. Also, I only want this pop-up to occur on the desktop view - not tablet or mobile devices. Please see the attached screen grab.


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Hi @JTT,

I have this effect because it’s a design portfolio, not for mobile. Clients typically are on desktop or laptops. If you resize the screen down, you get the message. Or open on a phone.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Let me know if you need help - G.J.