Webflow designer needed!

Hi! I am looking for a Webflow Designer for immediate hire; so hoping to network here. I am Operations Manager at blackthorn.io - we make apps for event management and payments that plug into the Salesforce platform.

Check out the role and I would love to hear from you if you’re available:

Many thanks!


PM sent

please check
Charles Leo

Hi Kimberly,

If you need a Webflow designer you can post your job details here at flowhunt.co it’s free to post a job.


Please check your PM

Hi Kimberly,

You might be better off either posting your job description in this thread and/or putting it on a Webflow-specific platform such as Flowhunt.co (as mentioned by Steven). Not every expert here might have an Upwork account and not everyone might be willing to get one, so you might be missing out on hiring great talent this way!