Webflow + custom code urls?

I’m considering migrating from WP to webflow, but need the ability to run custom code from my own server at urls within sudirectories - not subdomains. For example, I want webflow to power all of my main content pages at domain.com/about, domain.com/products, etc., but I have a custom python page that needs to run at domain.com/calculator and this url and urls within this subdirectory would need to serve code from my own server, not the webflow-hosted site. I know I can setup a DNS reverse proxy in other hosting environments to accomplish this, but am wondering if anyone has anyone done this/is it possible on webflow?

Hey Andy, yes.

For a python app you need an environment to run it, so your best option is to host your working calc page somewhere and then combine it under your site’s domain using a reverse proxy setup. This is a simple “site merge” approach.

Will this approach work with both the hosted and self-hosted webflow solutions?

A reverse proxy doesn’t care where things are hosted.

I’d likely set this up so that specific path requests are rewrites from your python app, and everything else is sent to Webflow ( which would also handle any 404s ).

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