Webflow CSS & Javascript CDN Paths

I can’t find anything on community and google that provides the Webflow CSS & Javascript CDN path that I can incorporate into the head of a website.

I use codepen for development it doesn’t find any WebFlow elements.

Ultimately you’ll find Bootstrap, Foundation, Normalize all provide a CDN connection. Does WebFlow not provide this common element for us who pay into the service?

I recently created a pen from the base project in the webflow. You can fork it.


I work out issues quickly this way. I would caution you not to be dependent upon the asset paths as I may update those files anytime or remove them in the future. You could copy them and host yourself.


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From what I can see is those are only the breakpoints which I have in place right now. I’m particularly looking for Webflow CDN paths to their JS and Base CSS.

If someone from webflow can just confirm you have or do not have CDN paths in place for those files that’d be great.

Maybe Tweet this guy, https://twitter.com/thepixelgeek He is the one that does the livestreams and I’m sure he would know. I would think if you can’t find it they don’t have that available. Can you download the code of a starter site you make and then just make a Pen? Use that as a template to get rolling?

@Bryan_Funk -You should review the assets included in that Codepen. They are all there. If you review the source of a webflow project you will discover that the BASE CSS and JS is built upon as you build your project. I extracted the code from clean, not modified instance.