Webflow creates Responsive or Adaptive sites?

Im new to the forum, also new to responsive web design.
I think webflow is a very powerful tool,I created a site, and pitched it as responsive.
The site works great, but someone pointed out that my site is ADAPTIVE, not RESPONSIVE. After some research, I think this is true.
Does this aplies to all websites built with webflow? Or did I did something wrong.

Im aware that from the user experience, there is little or none difference, but I have been quite less money for adaptive sites, compared to responsive ones.

Thanks in advance to any comments about this.

I’m no expert on adaptive vs. responsive design, but this article might help. It seems to say that the main advantage of responsive over adaptive is in the ease of maintenance, and Webflow is VERY easy to maintain, IMHO. http://blog.uxpin.com/6439/responsive-vs-adaptive-design-whats-best-choice-designers/

Great question! :smile:

It is a hard one to answer because it depends. You can create an adaptive design, you can also create a responsive design.

If you only use pixels for your settings then you will have an adaptive site. You will have to make the pixel adjustment so the size adapts to the media queries that are provided by Webflow. This approach won’t take into account other screen sizes not specifically targeted by the media query itself.

If you use relative units like percentages then you will have a responsive design and you will use the different media queries to make adjustment to the layout. The difference being that within those media query ranges the design adjust to all screen widths.

The container can make things look adaptive even though they are responsive. Here is an example The top row is a div with a max-width of 1280px it has 3 columns that are 33.33% the width of the div. The second row has a container with the same 3 columns. The container has a max-width of 940px. If you resize the browser you will see the top row columns respond because the 1280px max-width div is shrinking. The container doesn’t have to move because it is 940px and because the next media query begins at 991px, you will never see it adjust like the 1280px div.

hope this helps


Thanks a lot! reading this helped me understand wha I can do with webflow

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