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Webflow courier integration between The collect group and Royal mail (UK)

Hi all,
We’re a family pet store based in the UK and we’ve been experimenting with ebay for the past few years and it seems to have become quite successful. I now want to make the jump to starting a website. The lad who wants to make and develop the website has recommended Webflow as he believes this site offers the best customisation as opposed to other larger well known template site builders such as shopify etc.

The problem is that my courier service, The collect group, (the courier I have recently opened an account with) does not seem to have any integration with webflow as they do with the more popular template websites. So my question is, is there integration software available between the Courier services that do not currently support certain couriers (Primarily The Collect group and Royal mail) and Webflow. Also, if there is software is it worth using and works well enough without problems or would it make more sense to use a site that is supported by the courier. I’d heavily appreciate your honest opinions and would also be interested whether anyone has any similar stories and how well you have coped.