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Webflow copys over a video to a new page 7 times

I don’t have access to the video at the moment and I won’t for a few days, but the minute I try to paste the video over from another page, it copy’s over 7 times. I made another test page and tried pasting it on there and it copy’s 5 times. I’m sure you get the idea. Anything else copy’s over without a hitch but this. I find it very strange. I solved this issue by viewing the layout in tablet mode which displayed all the video in the editor, which then I proceeded to deleting the unwanted ones. Very strange bug.

On a test page:

Here is my public share link:

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Hello @Robert_Ochinski

The numbers you see are how many elements are using the particular class, not the actual element. Hope this makes sense.

Can you share your read-only link?

Piter :webflow_heart: