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Webflow console "Hold up!- Scam" message [in every designer project/dashboard]

Hi there,

What’s up with this message:

I’ve tried to publish my changes but noticed that the response of the publish was very slow. So I decided to open console log.

I still don’t see the changes I’ve made.
I don’t have any custom code on my project.

I keep getting the “hold up” blabla error when I’m in Designer even when I refresh or relog.

Here’s my share link:

I have the same problem on all my projects:

Share link:

Hello there @ElviraNL and @argogiant

It’s normal to see that notification in the console of your Webflow site, we added it to prevent Webflow users from potentially falling into a scam of somebody asking to paste malicious code there that could potentially give some scammers uninvited access to their Webflow account, but it’s just a standard warning for all Webflow projects.

However, that publishing issue you mention @ElviraNL sounds like odd behavior, did you receive a confirmation about your changes being published inside the Webflow Designer? I can see that your site was last published today.

Can you please try the following:

Thanks in advance and I’ll be standing by for your response! :sunny:

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