Webflow Connect Feed JSON

Hello, I am currently creating a real estate ad site.
I’m having trouble connecting my “JSON” feed which contains information from my real estate ads to display in Webflow

Hi Liam,

Are you getting JSON using API. Let us know in more details so someone might be able to help you.



I will detail my question: The goal would be to take its data from a URL and embed it in the CMS element which would be updated automatically

Here is an example of data that I will keep recoveringPreformatted text

          "id": "94db92e3-4afa-4e40-8fa9-56c73eb96da2",
          "prenom": "Ameline",
          "nom": "BONNARDEL",
          "email": "ameline.bonnardel@api-vente.fr",
          "fonction": "Conseillère Achat-Vente",
          "biographie": null,
          "photo": "https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/papiris.fr/o/collaborateurs%2Favatar%2FFk3KUn9qgsd1kb97PFKEaBtsrgU2EAU9.jpg?alt=media",
          "villes": [