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Webflow community livestream #5: AMA with Ryan Morrison

Join us live Friday, November 10th at 10am (pacific)
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In this livestream, we’ll chat with our Brand Designer Lead (and master of gradients), Ryan Morrison. We’ll learn what it took to create the Webflow IX2 launch page, where he gets his design inspiration from and his process to make the Webflows’ brand design so unique.

You’ll also have a chance to ask him any questions you may have. See you in the live chatroom!


follow up thought. would the community be interested in more Webflow team interviews? If so, with who or what department?

Definitely, it’s good to hear thoughts on the modern (and future) web from a range of staff, all with Webflow in common…but with their own unique angle and careers to date…

Maybe for example @jmw could do some critique of sites in terms of their copy, pass on some top writing tips, whilst giving a modern take on the web industry for writers…

In general, a flex-mix of 20 mins interview style, 20 mins AMA, 20 mins site reviews and clearing up unanswered forum posts, seems a good recipe for how these streams are evolving.

Thanks Nelson

Chef Stu :hamburger:

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