Webflow.com not displaying properly in Chrome

Anyone else just seeing HTML without CSS in Chrome on webflow?

I actually figured out that chrome is now displaying Webflow.com as an unsecure certificate (blocks images and such). Also it’s reading as a non private connection.

Any way to fix this on my end?

Seems okay on my end. If it persists, try pressing F12, then perform an empty cache and hard reload (hold down refresh button)

I am using Linux Mint, and using Google Chrome version Version 54.0.2840.100 (64-bit).

What’s odd is that it’s not caused by an extension as I’ve gone into incognito mode as well.

Wall Street Journal connection is coming up as a non private connection as well (basically The server presented a certificate that was not publicly disclosed using the Certificate Transparency policy.) It would seem something very similar happened here.

Figured it out. So Google Chrome version Version 54.0.2840.100 was exteremely outdated. However, I had to add the Chrome repo and update the PPA in Mint to update to 56.

After the update, Webflow.com is now displaying properly.

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