Webflow code handoff to backend

Hey guys!

I’m using Webflow to build a UI for a webapp. Do you have any tips to what needs to be adjusted to webflow code after exporting it so it can be handed to backend devs for later use?

My client told me that his devs has some issues with connecting the webflow code to backend and thinks it is probably due to javascript and some webflow default components. Do you think it would be a good idea to export everything and give it a frontend dev to clean it up or something?

Giving you all a

It would mean a bunch if someone could help me out :slight_smile:

@themikic it really depends on what exactly the backend devs are looking for. Webflow will give you extremely clean & functional HTML/CSS/JS, which will give the app a proper layout.

Apart from that, in order to help we would need to know exactly what sort of issues the backend devs are referring to as it could be a million different things.