Webflow CName Proxy & White Label

Hi All,

Interested in Webflow/Users thoughts on on the WF Proxy setup.

From our perspective the use of proxy.webflow.com and proxy-ssl.webflow.com actually undermines the great work WF have done in their white labeling setup.

As our first course of action would be to share WF DNS settings with clients so they can manage things themselves, the inclusion of any mention of weblow.com gives the game away from a white label perspective.

Equally we also have competitors who use our services, as well as developers who still work with our clients.

Hence we would prefer to protect or use of WF after all the time and effort spent researching the best website solution to help deliver our services.

The bottom line is that we would love to see an alternative CName redirect that does not mention webflow.com.

Your thoughts?

  • Yes, I really need this feature!
  • No, I feel that this is not as important as other items on the wishlist.

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+1 for the topic. I’m curious about how deep the white labeling is after all.

@coffee thanks for the +1

technically speaking if the dns is anything.webflow.com then in my opinion it is NOT whitelabeled by any stretch of the imagination. In such a case it is simply “co-branded” and there is a difference.

Yep totally right. It would be great to get some insight from Webflow on how this process is done exactly.

This deserves immediate attention if webflow wants serious partners/businesses developing a brand around their white-label model.

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