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Webflow CMS gets lethargic and unusable from prolonged use

I’ll spend a prolonged amount of time doing heavy lifting in the CMS (typically editing Rich Text Fields) where I jump between a variety of CMS collection items toggling switches, editing text, making tweaks, and more. Eventually, Webflow just sort of gives up and breaks.

The save button will stop working, the pages will lag, the Rich Text Field will start bugging out and moving text around in weird ways as I type, and a full refresh is required to resolve the issue. This happens often enough to inspire finally making a post about it.

Did it just happened now? I am filling a newly created series of collection with content right now, creating content in RTs quite intensively, and I haven’t noticed anything lagging.

What have you tried to check how much your connection could be responsible? When I’m working rom my coworking space, I often feel weird things, like the Designer would stop to sync. I finally fixed ot for good by always using a VPN. I really don’t know in details what was making the other connection wonky.

It happened just then, yes, and happens pretty regularly for me. Anytime I do anything significant in the CMS, I experience the slow death that ends in a hard refresh. I think this may be a Chrome issue, as my internet speeds are strong and consistent. I’ll try to be more attuned to what processes I follow next time this occurs and share more feedback. The nice thing about the fast internet in this situation, at least, is the speed at which Webflow refreshes when that’s needed.

Ho many CMS items are you dealing with, and how complex are your cms pages? How much are you using filtering, how many fields are you binding, how many lists?

I have CMS sluggishness on sites where I have 18-20 col list per page with a large number of items pulled and quite some fields. And like you I’m forced to refresh often. I can sometimes prevent t to go slow by doing this: I’m using chrome canary with no extension apart from Webflow extension. I open only my project, and I don’t open a tab in that app to preview my site on publish… I use another browser to see the pages.

I know it sounds a bit voodoo but… it sometimes works well

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The CMS pages are effectively blog pages, but they can get lengthy and include many embeds/images (optimized images, that is)/varying headers/additional outlinks.

It’s pretty standard stuff with just a couple of bells and whistles. The latest example that caused me trouble can be found here.

I will give what you are describing a shot — I really think it comes down to a Chrome thing more than a connection thing.

The slowing to a crawl phenomena happens to me on complex pages - I think it isn’t particularly cms related. Once I feel things are not as responsive as they should be I immediately save my progress and reload. Some sort of memory leak probably.

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