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Webflow CMS + Automated mail with an intelligent link? [not sure what to call it]

I have a membership program where once an individual signs up I want to send an them an email everyday linking them to a cms page in the order of date created. Think an audio book series where you get chapter 1 on night one and then chapter 2 on night two and so on.

I’m not sure how to intelligently do this besides manually making 100s of emails in my email service that show the same thing but link to different cms pages.

There’s got to be a smarter way to do this though. Does anyone have suggestions?

Maybe I’m coming at it from the wrong angle and it doesnt need to be in email. The desired outcome is the member doesn’t have to think and can go one place to listen to the night’s podcast.

While this is totally doable, there is no simple, quick answer.

It’ll take a lot of custom work. You’d need to use something like Integromat to help on the back end along with Integromat’s Datastore to help manage the process.

I think your options really are hire someone (there is a freelancer thread here on the forum you could post to) or reduce the scope of this and manually create your linked emails and put them into an Email Sequence for the automation of when a member receives them.

My answer is probably not the help you were looking for :smirk:

Thank you Chris! At least I know it’s not an easy thing to do and does require more lifting so that is helpful :slight_smile:

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