Webflow CMS anger management course :)

So this post is for each new user who are impressed by the webflow’s CMS’s abilities. 'Till this moment my personal opinion is that CMS is not the proper solution for big projects with a lot of data unless you are planning to get a really tiny and small blog type site. In that case maybe webflow will do the trick for you. But I strongly believe that this service is the future of Web Designing :smile:
What I tried to do was a news portal. I couldn’t because I wasn’t aware of some limitations that webflow’s CMS suffers:

1/ NO WAY TO LIST ITEMS FROM SUBCATEGORY ONLY. Webflow always lists all items from parent category. That way in your Subcategory Template page you are listing items from all subcategories nested from mother category.
EDIT: There is a workaround to list proper items in its proper pages. All you have to do is to create two different collections with categories - e.g. Main Categories collection and Sub Categories collection. Then assign two reference fields in Blog Post (or whatever you called it) settings - one for each collection. And when you add your product/item/article you should be very careful to reference it to a proper Main Category and Subcategory since this is a workaround and choosing Main Category isn’t really related with the other field. Subcategory field still lists all your predefined subcategories. In matter of facts that way what you do is simulating nested categories but in real you simply assign one item into two categories. Then go to Main Category Template page and list all items for current category through filter. Do the same with Sub Category Template page. Done! :smile:

2/ CAN’T HAVE MORE THAN 20 DYNAMIC LISTS IN ONE PAGE. Guys in webflow says that the limitation is 10 but my webflow says “No more than 20”:slight_smile: I don’t know where the truth is :mask:

3/ NO SLUG TRANSLITERATION e.g. if you use Cyrillic you must write your slugs manually.

4/ YOU CAN’T EXPORT YOUR DATABASE if you want to move somewhere you can but without your collected data. Webflow do not allow DB export! Keep it in mind!

There’s a lot of other limitations so before buy subscription like me think twice read [here][1] and go on :smile:

P.S: This was one very anger post of mine that pass through lot of edits in order to look like this in the end.
[1]: http://forum.webflow.com/t/list-known-limitations-on-webflow/23610


So much anger. It’s just not for you man, perhaps take a better look before jumping into something next time.

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There are so many happy users here and you are not, and thats ok. But seriously you need a anger management course.

This is quite the rant, sadly that’s all it is an angry rant, with no substance.

In future I would recommend you research a product or service better before committing money and time to it.

puhahhha! Tell the truth out loud and sit and wait to see how people said you that you need an anger management courses or other medical treatment perhaps? Why I should’t be anger? Why should I search for something that I don’t even know exist? And by the way I’m here in webflow before most of you people so don’t tell me that I did not know where I “invested” my money. But that does not means that I must read and research this forum 24/7 in order to know what limitations this software suffers!

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sorry to hear webflow wasn’t for you, but for future reference can I suggest you show a little more class and not swear and rant in a open public forum, young people use this forum.

Webflow have a support team that can help you with your queries in future support@webflow.com

And they’re very good at support in my experience.

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When you reach at the 50% of your site and realize that you must delete your entire job 'till moment because of some limitation NOT mentioned anywhere, I’ll ask if you aren’t you gonna swear. Thanks got that this wasn’t client site I build. And idk if young people that are using this forum never swears in real life and they don’t know any curses and dirty words. Can you feel the sarcasm? Anyway thanks for the advises.

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Hey man, sorry, I can be big enough to say I’m sorry that I advised you take a anger management course. Sorry. But I can give you another advice from someone who been around for a while. You can always solve problems better and faster if you choose to be a little nicer to people. If I always yell at people if they did something wrong or if I was not happy with what they did they would probably not help me if I ever need help sometime. You never know what will happen in the future.

Have you heard of the man who went to a job interview and the man in front him was the same man he yelled at(for some reason I can’t remember now) in subway a few moments earlier.
( Edit: Found the story I was thinking about )


Okay, okay. I know I’ve gone too far. And you (both of you @jorn and @Aaron) are right. But see I’ve got 8 days waiting for an answer in my other topic. And there are still no answer! Someone of you guys mentioned to try with email. Oh, god, I think (obviously wrong) that in forum will be way too fast then e-mail communication. Whatever, I just want to say sorry to everyone that might be get hurt from my anger words, curses and swears. It’s not personal. It’s simply anger because I think that I pay for a service with no or less limitations, built a lot of my site and then - BANG! I can’t go further because of yet another limitation, and then another and another… The reality is that I payed for a service that has so many limitations that I can’t do anything professional except a small Blog type site maybe… And know what? The worst is I dont even really wan’t my money back (although here where I live $30/mo are serious monthly amount). I just wanted to do a simple news site for my girlfirend.


Hey @Spoonk, no problems we all get upset!

Truth is every system has its limitations and Webflow is certainly not an exception it’s very early doors for Webflow! But the trick is, is to work within the constraints of your skills and software, this is the trick when working on any client or customer project, wether it’s your client demanding you use “Comic Sans” as a constraint on good taste :stuck_out_tongue: or that the system doesn’t allow sub-categories…

But anyway, so looking over your old posts you want to filter different content in different “tab panes” is that correct?


I smell a troll here. Perhaps someone from the competition. How old are you mate? I didn’t notice your post anywhere. Perhaps you could bump it again so we could assist you. I managed to create a really robust company site, of course there are certain limitations, but I could live with that for now.

But like others put it, no need to delete your post. So we could all learn and see an example of an individual with the lack of anger management and utter child like behavior. If you need any help, we’re here to assist mate. Don’t get too work up, bad for your health and heart.


@Aaron thanks man! No, this is not the case. The case is filtering and displaying items from its subcategory only. Anyway I’ll try one more time and if it’s not happens again, I’ll “digg” my other topic with a public link. Thanks for understanding :smile:

No probs @Spoonk I really hope it works out for you!


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I don’t really know what you mean with sub categories but i tackled a problem I’ll try to explain.
I needed 5 categories and every category needed products. The visitor chooses a category and and when he visit that site he could read about the category and also see links to the products. I first solved it with two templates one for the categorie and one for the products and with multi cross references it worked. But I also needed a to this with multi languages.

What I ended up with(not complete finished yet) is one template for each language instead. They have to look the same but thats another story. In my one language template I can have a links to all categories, landing pages for every category and in that landing page links to only the products attached to that category. When user clicks on a product only that product shows and the links to the other related products are available and the categories. All in the same template, thats pretty amazing.

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Hey @jorn my case is a bit different. Anyway thanks for your understanding and try to help! You guys are awesome! Thanks.
P.S: Link to my case: Listing items from subcategories ONLY? - CMS - Forum | Webflow

Ok, so if we where able make folders with templates as we can with static pages would solve the problem, /master-category/sub-category/item ?

Thank you for your contributions. Will add them into the list

Hi @Spoonk

First of all, please know that my response is coming from a place of love. :slight_smile: :heart:

Second, thank you for taking a step back and calming down. I totally understand your frustrations. Why doesn’t a product that I pay for, no working as I thought it would! :confused:

The Webflow team isn’t some big corporation that is out to just get money. The team is here to help designers of all types become professional Web Designers by abstracting the HTML, CSS, jQuery and backend DB coding.

This mission isn’t an easy one, but one we are passionate on taking on. Imagine if you were take the entire Web Design industry and put it into one Web App. That’s essentially what we are doing.

As for the CMS, it was launched on October 6th, 2015 which means it is just 4 months old! It’s amazing how much the team has built on top of the CMS in such a short amount of time. We know we have a lot more work ahead to make everyone happy and we are going as fast as we can without sacrificing quality.

As with all of our platform’s limitations, we know we have a few and there are reasons behind each one. But with constructive feedback and constant posts in our Wish List, we will always know which way our road map should go. This is why we love you and our very vocal community. :heart:

So, again. Thank you for the feedback. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to PM me.


To @jorn @Aaron @samliew @akebrattberg @alexanderwong Thank you so much for helping me keep the community civil and fair :slight_smile:


Can’t we all just get along. lol


Well, I have to agree with Spoonk in many ways. I myself now struggle with limitations of Webflow, because I didn’t come across them until approximately 50% of the project was done:
— only 3 reference fields per collection (why?)
— no multi-reference inside dynamic list (oh…)
— no dynamic lists in sliders
— media library not knowing about CMS
— editor mode breaking the scripts
— no dynamic data in custom attributes (this one only would fix 80% of problems)

I would not be as harsh as Spoonk, but indeed, if I saw that before starting a project, I wouldn’t end up writing crazy hacks as I do now.