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Webflow + Cloudcannon - A Perfect Couple?

Hey everyone!

We just started using to host client websites. Personally, I love the platform. It is simple and slick. I just wanted to get everyones opinion on the platform? Who has used it or is using it? Any comments or concerns? What do you like about it or dislike?

Is there anything we should be aware of the system?


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I just watched again the video at Cloudcannon and still wonders what it is useful for. You can edit copy live on pages, but who needs to do this? To correct a typo? To update an info? Then you kind of bury the previous content… and it’s very limited, or it seems to be. The reality is that the smallest client don’t need to fix typos, but to create content. Another post, another event, add a paragraph, remove one… all of these things are beyond editing what’s already in place. I’ve worked from numerous clients, from the super small one to the extremely big ones. Let’s just consider the small ones, and I can’t find one who will only need this kind of edit. On top of that, you edit what’s online, when most likely you need to put things in place (as a designer) waiting for the client to edit them, but once online I find it a bit late for such edits. Plus those edits, how do you bring them back to your source? Next time you publish your Webflow code, it vanishes, so you’ll need to track clients edits to replicate them in Webflow?

If it’s only about being able to edit some blocks, loosing the previous content, not being able to create anything (there is a notion of repeatable blocks in CC but I can’t figure how big this feature is), isn’t it kind of a gadget? The other benefits are light. Publishing from dropbox to avoid remembering a ftp password?

I really don’t want to make this sound like bashing, but I’ve read all the Cloudcannon discussions here and the least I can say is I’m the opposite of convinced. I am, like you, in need of such a solution: giving independence to small to medium clients, without asking anyone to log on a Wordpress-like backend they’ll never use (how many time did I do that?). We even once published a Cloudcannon-like edit system on a Drupal. But once the pages published no one ever felt the need to modify the copy or change an image.

Have you really worked with CC? What did I get wrong?

I’ve put a lot of hopes in Webflow for my small to medium clients business. I can’t think of Webflow not coming up with CMS features rather sooner than later.

I haven’t used cloudcannon myself, but looking at the features it seems you are only focusing on one of them. Sure, clients being able to edit the content isn’t all that amazing, but then there’s the cheap cloud hosting via Dropbox which would save a fair but of money for someone that has 15 sites up and running.

Hey guys,

For my clients we want them to be able to only change a few things. That should normally be fixed on their site.
For example pricing lists for a hair salon etc.

For things like blogs and e commerce we will be embedding systems that are controlled externally so we don’t need that added functionality in a CMS. This is why cloud cannon seems like a great tool for keeping things simple for the client.


Yes, I’d love to see some some of basic CMS features in webflow. It would bridge that gap for small to medium sized clients that want some edit-ability (like adding news posts, new job listings or images to a gallery etc) but don’t require full custom solutions that would require a powerful CMS.

Its mostly me just being selfish: I see that I can export the webflow code and use it any CMS but I hate the idea of getting a design up to a point and then having to say “ok, thats it now, no more webflow”. A design is never truly ‘finished’ and that finality is unfortunate. I want the best of both worlds!

We all do, this is a very important point. We all want to continue to work within Webflow after the publishing. We all need solution to make dynamic content from Webflow material without breaking the compatibility (ie modifiying the code.). It’s totally doable, some solutions should arise soon. But yeah, solutions withing Webflow would be the best natural option.


Well… maybe you don’t have the right audience. What if you had a need to create 80 small 6 page websites that all used the same basic template for consistency and brand integrity, but the content on each site would be unique and editable by 30 different people?

(Think about a school that needed an easy to edit site for each class. I don’t think you would want to edit each one in Webflow every time a homework assignment needed to be posted for the day.)

I could see how you could use Webflow to create a “Master Design Site”, then export that site from Webflow, use the export to build a CloudCannon template that you can install 30 instances of. It is a nice systems abstraction. Design, Template, Edit. Each one simple. Not only that… think about how easy it would be to design a new kind of page or feature and then deploy it to all sites that use that template. You just go back to your Webflow “Master Design Site”, make the new page or feature, export, use the export to update the CloudCannon template, and then push (using GitHub / version control) that template change out to all of the sites. Now they all have the new page or feature.

But yea… if you are just making one site… and your money is coming from small freelance stuff where you can best serve your customer by being able to make all the changes yourself… than just leave it all in Webflow. You are the CMS. LOL

Lots of assumption for you first post, answering a one year old message.

But yea… if that makes you laugh, good for you.

Wasn’t an answer…
Not assuming, just hypothesizing.

(Sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way with continued discussion on a topic/idea that I feel is still relevant and current. The thread was not marked closed. I thought I had an interesting use-case and perspective to contribute.)

Hey… don’t assume I’m laughing…
(L)ots (o)f (L)ove!!!

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As the original OP to this post and someone who has continuously used cloud cannon. I think it is safe to say that I do not approve of it. Just too many bugs. Great concept and initial workflow but for simple things like changing images and stuff it just doesn’t work correctly.

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