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Webflow changing structure? "w-section" added to existing classes

Hi There,

We build in Webflow and the export out to our server. Or server is very strict and is very much locked down. We have been building templates for a while now and there has been no issues. But recently, our HTML structure has been changed unknowingly to us which has broken the process. It’s rather simple, but it seems the ‘w-section’ class has been added automatically to 2 existing classes. Is this something webflow does by default? They were not there previously in the last files we downloaded.

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You’re going to need an answer from people working at Webflows on this, but it’s not difficult to understand what’s happening here. Webflow team has said they’ll unveil new, long awaited CMS features sometimes this year. I bet the change in markup you’re witnessing today is part of this new features rollout. My guess is the structure is there to stay, so you can adapt your publishing process and it will work fine for a long time. I too export code to be processed and pushed. Luckily, our process hasn’t been affected by the markup change. I can remember my developer being skeptical about Webflow. Last april he said the code will change non-stop and worked with that idea in mind, securing the process. The markup didn’t change until recently as you noticed (we didn’t even notice.)

Could you please list which existing classes were affected? It would be nice to know so I am not chasing ghosts :smile:

@Fagan_Wilcox, yes we did introduce the w-section class for full-page section elements, and that is the only class that was added in the last 12 months or so. It was added as part of a change to make sure that sections can’t be nested in the canvas.

If we ever do change the markup dramatically, we will do our best to only apply that to new sites that you create (or via some sort of opt in).


I noticed this myself… I was trying to see if I could nest a section.

A few months ago… I could. Now I cannot.