Webflow caching password page?

It happened last week. I was using Webflow halfway and I suddenly got logged out. I tried logging in and it said “invalid password” even though I was using the same password to get it.

I decided to do “Forgot password” and reset password to the new one. Logged in just fine. I thought someone may have done something and I immediately enable 2FA, then I logged out.

Later I tried logging in, and it kept saying “invalid password” right after I put in the 2FA code. It happened over and over again.

I decided to try Incognito to login with my new password and it was fine! So my normal browser is not able to log into Webflow now as it kept saying “invalid password” but when I log into Webflow via incognito mode, it is totally fine.

Just FYI. Please sort this out!

Hi @Audrey_Ling,

Micah here with Webflow’s Support team, and this definitely sounds like odd behavior.

I tried reproducing it on my end but was unable to.

You may be experiencing an interfering browser extension - which may be causing the issue and why you can login in Incognito mode.

We would suggest disabling your extensions one-by-one to locate the interfering extension.

Feel free to let us know which one :bowing_man:

It wasn’t just me, this includes my designer as well who was working remotely. I’ll try your method later on.

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