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Webflow body dimensions

What is the default body dimensions ( px) in Webflow? And how do you NOT have divs span the entire window. I want to have some margin on the sides. Do I just use margin?


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Here is how I did it.

Hi @Cecbaby

I’m not aware of a complete list of Webflow default dimensions for their pre-made elements (but the ‘container’ element is set at 940px) so to answer your question specifically:

  • Drag in a div block and it will stretch to your screen size - until you give it a class - once it has a class name you could set margins, padding, or you could set a size for the div - for example in px / vh / vw / %

If you try to give it a size/margin before a class - for speed Webflow will auto generate a class name - but it’s best to start naming them early on before you end up with div 21, div 22 etc

More details here:

Hope that’s useful :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for you response. I eventually found the answer in one of the videos.

Chris Cec