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Webflow Blog Data in Google Sheets with Zapier

I am not sure that it’s a Zapier question or a Webflow question.

I have connected my webflow form with google sheets via zapier.
Form is like a feedback form for every blog post.

All the data is displaying in google sheets but my client also want to know that the feedback data is for which blog.

So far now it’s showing only form data (email, name, comment)

Is it possible to add the feedback form is for which particular blog post?

Do I need to add something in Zapier or Webflow CMS or anything else will be really appreciated.

One option is to simply add and Embed element within the form and create a hidden form field with the value being the blog post this form is submitted from.

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But how will I do that on a blog template page.
Becuz webflow will create all current blog pages on its own.
Will it affect embed element.

If your form is on a CMS Template Page, even easier!

Within the Embed element, upper right hand corner is a “fields” link. This allows you to insert any CMS items value. Insert the “slug” field for your blog post into the value of the hidden form field. :exploding_head:

I will give it a try