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Webflow blocking Ajax on exported code

Hello, Hope you are well. So I designed a simple HTML skeleton on Webflow for a comment form, that I displayed beside it. Used PHP to submit the comments from the form and display it. However when I tried using Ajax to submit, and load the comments without refreshing the page it does not work. I built the same thing from scratch, used the same code to submit and display and it works perfectly. Anyone have any idea why this is happening? My guess is somehow Webflow is blocking Ajax. Any workaround to this issue is hugely appreciated, as Webflow makes building my websites much faster, and I can make beautiful websites without having to worry about code, however, I would like to be able to use PHP and Ajax on my extracted code to get it to work to my requirments.
Any help is appreciated, thanks

First, take a look at the console error. Webflow does not block Ajax as a “rule”.

What do you mean by " extracted code" (You export webflow code?)

I mean exported code.

There is no error, instead of submitting the comments and showing them without refreshing the page, it refreshes the page every time a comment is submitted. When I need to look at newer comments, I need to refresh the pages as well.

However when I built the same thing without webflow, I get the desired result. It takes comments without refreshing the page, it also pulls comment from the DB without refreshing the page.

This has led me to think that Webflow has something in their code that is blocking my Ajax code.

Check for console errors (Inspect the page). Also use https assets (Not http).