Webflow Background Video styling for desktop vs mobile

Hello all,

I am working on a site for one of my clients, and he has a new background video that he wants to use. The problem is that the background video does not display correctly on portrait mobile view. As the video’s original aspect ratio is 16:9 it looks pretty good on desktop, tablets, and landscape view on the phone, but it looks horrid on portrait mobile views. Since cell phones are not wide enough, it is cutting out a good portion of the video. Is there are a way to dynamically style the background video for the different views? For example, can I have different versions of the same video with different aspect ratios to use for the desktop version, versus mobile version?

When I attempt to try using different background videos for desktop versus mobile it doesn’t work (just defaults all of the background videos for all views to the last one I use.) Any thoughts, or creative workarounds on this item?

Desktop Version

Mobile Version

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Hey Ruth! It might be contentious, but I thought we were best to avoid BG videos on mobile full stop! It isn’t what the user wants or needs. And you can’t depend on it loading anyway.