Webflow + Bablic Localization for Multilingual - Please critique!


I’m from Bablic.com - a website localization startup that makes translating Webflow sites extremely easy.

I set up a site here: http://bablic.webflow.io - Take a look at how the translation is done, basically if switching languages is smooth enough.

You switch languages by just clicking on the widget pictured below (included in Bablic):

Would love to hear your thoughts and some feedback.

This is all done through the free plan offered on https://www.bablic.com


The language is show in the url : http://bablic.webflow.io/?locale=fr

1/ Do you control that? Is is possible to have a different URL for the english and french version of one page? A real clean one like mysite.com/carreers along mysite.com/offres-emploi.

2/ Is it possible to have also something like mysite.com/en/carreers along mysite.com/fr/offres-emploi?

3/ Is it possible to make it work with several domains, for example mysite.com/carreer along monsite.fr/offres-emploi?

4/ Also, is is possible to set everything needed for SEO with the localisation of a page?

That’s all I got (: I know I couldn’t meet my clients requirements without all of this being covered.


Hi Vincent!

  1. Yes, it is possible, by using Bablic as proxy. Available with the $50 plan

  2. mysite.com/en/carreers along mysite.com/fr/carreers yes, without proxy
    mysite.com/en/carreers along mysite.com/fr/offres-emploi yes, with proxy

  3. mysite.com/carreer along monsite.fr/carreer yes
    mysite.com/carreer along monsite.fr/offres-emploi yes with proxy

  4. Yes

Hope this answers your questions, try it on https://www.bablic.com

And read the integration tutorial on http://blog.bablic.com/translate-your-webflow-website-with-bablic/

Thank you Laurent. Does Bablic work on a future solution to provide all these services without the proxy part? For most serious sites, so much money and time is spent for server optimization and speed that relying on a proxy at the third party for localisation isn’t something I can bring as a reliable, acceptable solution. Yet we all actively look for a localization solution, it’s a tough search. Very very interrested in hearing about any innovation about that.

However with a positive answer to my 4 concerns, I will definitely test bablic and get in touch soon to talk about the proxy.

Thanks a lot and talk to you in a few weeks.

Great question, @vincent!

Localize is fully SEO-friendly.

We support alteration of URLs with language parameters, similar to what you described above.

Our solution works perfectly with multiple domains.

Everything is covered – from meta tags, to pre-rendering for the Google Crawler with our Node.js plugin, used primarily by self-hosted websites.

We also have an integration tutorial here. => https://localizejs.com/docs/integrations/webflow

Hello @laurentsabbah your website does not mention the proxy etc on its pricing page. Does all of this still hold good?

Hey, old topic but still valid while waiting for Webflow’s native solution. How did things go for you guys? Did you look into Localize/Bablic in detail? Did their solutions hold up?


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Also interested in this ! I need it for a large multi-lingual, european campaign and need to figure out if Webflow (in combination with either bablic or localize) is the right tool for this, so any reviews are very welcome !