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Webflow automatically rolling up all to top while i click other software

Hi there!

Weird bug started on all computers on my company but one (we have around 10 accounts). We are copying and pasting content from indesign, the issue is that now, when we switch between softwares, webflow automatically sends the screen to the top (Like a ‘’‘to the top button’’)

maybe the same shortcuts for both webflow and indesign ?

Actually i just used indesign to illustrate the problem, if i click anywhere out of webflow, it goes to the top! And now the only computer that was ok, is now bugged also, the problem is as we are copying and pasting whole texts paragraph per paragraph, workflow is now impossible!

Im Noticing a similar Bug in the front end Editor today, on it keeps trying to send me back to the top about 3 secs after load

I have the same bug :grimacing:

@Mayorov @daniel_cleayweb @gabrielmuller777 @tkwebreform we just pushed a fix for this issue. Can you please reload the Designer to see if you’re still getting this behavior?

Thanks in advance and standing by for your confirmation!


Now everything is fine, thank you.

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Thanks a lot!! You saved my day, very fast response

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