Webflow autocomplete based on external database

We intend to implement dynamic address prompting based on an external database on our website.

However, before we start trying this I wanted to ask if anyone has tried to do something like this and is it possible?

We don’t want to use google places autocomplete due to the incompatible data format they return.

We have a database of several million addresses and currently the user has to enter the exact address we have stored in the database, otherwise we won’t recognise the address so we won’t return a result (bear in mind that our site is in Polish and our dictionary is slightly different).

Thank you in advance for your help:)

@Mateusz1 - It should be possible with some custom code. Do you have a public API endpoint I can use to build an example?

why is it needed? I ask because we haven’t put out an endpoint yet, we seem to have found a solution but if you have any suggestions we would love to see:)

How will it work without an endpoint? To autocomplete, you need to register a JavaScript function on the textfield(s). Then, as the user types, you take the text and call the endpoint to get the autocomplete options.

We have already done everything. I still do not understand why do you need our API endpoint to show an example:)?