Webflow API Tutorial/Guide

I can’t seem to find anyone on YouTube or elsewhere who has created a basic tutorial on the Webflow API (For example, something like “How to Create Basic Web App with Webflow API”). I’m aware of Zapier integration but that’s not what I’m talking about. Aside from the Webflow documentation, is there any tutorials out there, and if not, would anyone who’s API savvy be interested in making some?


Does this help?


I haven’t watched yet, but the title seems promising. Thank you 1000%!

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Happy to help! Maybe I need to do a guide on how to build a no code app!


What I’m interested in is how to build an app WITH code… I basically wan’t to be able to access my CMS site, list all the items in a collection, along with their fields.

I’m sure programmers are cringing, because what I’m talking about is likely very easy… I see the snippets in the documentation, but I’m having trouble understanding the basic first steps of how to even get connected and get started.

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Yep, you can do that! Once you list the items what happens next? What are you wanting it to connect to?

I’m trying to just create a simple HTML page that can list everything. I don’t know where to start…

Once I have it connected and stuff, I’m sure I can figure it out.

Hmmm…so what’s the end goal? Technically you can list all of the info in a collection on a Webflow page now. What makes this different from what Webflow does?

I’m curious to hear about what you’re trying to accomplish! :smiley:

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Okay, let’s say I have a podcast website that lists all the episodes using a collection. Now let’s say I wanna develop a HTML/CSS/Javascript mobile app (think PhoneGap or whatever) that simply has a list of the episodes that you can play in the app.

It would be great if I could pull the cataloging, names, subjects, authors, whatever, that I built in Webflow rather than recreating it all in another database just for the app.

Make sense?

Ahhh, I get you! Thats a GREAT use case! I love it. This would be awesome. You can do this with Glide right now. I’ve never use PhoneGap, but it looks so cool!

I’ll look into glide, but is it possible to do this from scratch? Is it possible to start with a blank HTML canvas on your computer and connect to the Webflow API and do something like I described?

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Yes, although you’re going to need another server where you’ll store that information and call it in your new site. Or you’ll need a server to run something like json to html to convert those json objects to html.

Cool. So with Glide, the idea is you would pull the info from Webflow to the Google Sheet, and then from the Google Sheet to your app?

Yes, sir! There are also apps like https://sheetsu.com/ that you could use!

Hey @rileyrichter,
Great explanation video!
I used your instruction to get the item ID. And then in a zap where I wanted to update an existing cms item i just copied the id in the id field in Zapier.
Should this work? Because I keep getting a 400 error…


Hi @jarnom, @rileyrichter has created a new video on how to capture Webflow IDs, please reference his Meetup Live stream: https://youtu.be/nb-63W0ey08?t=1161

Hope this gives you a bit more explanation on what to do?

Thanks! looks like a very interesting video.

The thing is… I just found out that my problem was caused by the fact that I did’t push my cms changes trough to both url’s (staging and live). The webflow api description helped figure this out.
But thanks anyway. I think the video is still usefull!

Sounds good @jarnom, happy you found your own results!

The docs missing simple ‘hello world’ example = harder to get inside this api.