Webflow API Request Error Help

Hey All,

I’m using webflow to create a realtime dashboard for clients based on data from my external web application. I’ve been using Webflow for landing sites for quite some time, so I’m excited to give it a spin for a more in-depth use case. I’m using plotly.js to create charts in webflow, and I’m trying to use the CMS API to draw external data from my app to webflow for the visualizations. I’m using Python to extract the data from my app, perform an analysis and some calculations, and then send the results to webflow with Python requests. The screenshot shows my request with test data, but I’m getting the error “ValidationError: Invalid request body”

Does anyone know what I’m missing in the request?

A few questions…
Can you debug print your actual API call?
Have you made any successful writes using your code?
Is your JSON stringified?