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Webflow and

So some of you may have come across this new “code-less” backend app called Treeline that debuted on PH yesterday.

Being a non-programmer this interests me greatly.
Has anyone here successfully managed to obtain a beta invite and tried the service out???
Would it be possible to create a website in Webflow, export it then connect it up with treeline to complete the backend duties???


Hi Amreet_Gill…i saw it yesterday on twitter and signed up for beta updates…no updates on my end.

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Im waiting for webflow to go hey guys this can be done super simple this is how, know that would be a real game changer. We could build any logic we want, and build real apps that have full function right in webflow, this would be amaze ballz… Please @thesergie MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

From a webflow fan :smiley:


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

You guys at Webflow need to speak with those guys at Treeline. Combination of those 2 projects would blow our minds away. I am seriously waiting for you guys to get that to work! `:D` And I'm like _c'mon! I'm a ninja. You have to agree with me._