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Webflow Account

I would like to design my e-commerce with Webflow using one of the themes in the store as starting point (definitely more than 2 pages).
After that I am planning to move the design to Shopify using the Udesly app mainly because many services I am using are still not integrated with Webflow.

If I am hosting my e-commerce on Shopify, do i need to keep my Account Lite plan active or can it be active just for the time I am designing+converting? What happens if once the design is completed and exported, I downgrade to free? Will I lose my design/pages?

Thanks for any help!

True to Jan 20 - The pages will remain on your site (Without a way to add/remove/edit CMS items or CMS setting) + without an option to connect custom URL. I never try this idea for e-commerce (But for a regular site).

Maybe write to webflow support about this issue.