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Webflow account/video accessibility on mobile devices

I find it confusing that if I go to Webflow on my iPhone I am greeted with a very generic screen that only allows me to “sign up.” I already have a webflow account, yet there is no login screen. I understand that the design occurs on a desktop/laptop, but why is there no account accessibility directly from the main Webflow page?

Another question is regarding the new Webflow U videos. Again, if on a mobile device, it is impossible to navigate from the main Webflow page to those videos. However, if I know the address (which I looked up and then consequently memorized) I can type that into my iPhone browser and access the videos.

I feel there is some navigation missing. Am I not seeing how to bypass the generic main screen? There also is no option to see the full site/desktop mode which would have been handy in an instance like this. Although I do understand that your emphasis is on responsive web design, it would have been nice.

Thanks for your time!

@acedgar4 thanks for your feedback! We will make these changes to our homepage soon.