Webflow Account Upgrade - No Paypal Option?

Hello Community,

I’m new to Webflow. After playing around for a few days, I felt like this was the right solution for me & wanted to upgrade to the monthly lite account plan ($24/month).

During checkout, I entered the VISA card details that I usually use for international purchases. I got an error along the lines of “cant use card that needs strong authentication”. Slightly confused (i use this card of Themeforest, Creative Market etc), I called my bank to find out if there was a problem. The bank confirms there is no problem at their end.

I’m not sure what is going on & what the way forward is. Does Webflow not allow Paypal as an option? It would make life so much simpler for thousands of international clients.

TLDR : Please include PAYPAL as a payment option for ACCOUNT UPGRADES.

I’m facing the same the issue. Did you find a solution for it?

same here! why no paypal for upgarde options???