Webflow a bit buggy right now?


there are technical problems with Webflow right now. No idea what is lost. When I go to the design view, in Chrome the images in the CMS are displayed cleanly in the designer. If I call the same page in Safari, then the images are not displayed.

My problem is that Chrome displays great, but if I want to move a DIV in the Navigator, for example, it doesn’t work in Chrome, but it does in Safari.

Yes, stupid situation right now. I have completely cleared the cache in both browsers - several times. Unfortunately without improvement.

Thanks for an info

OK. I have contacted Webflow Support. After the developers looked at it, there were two options.

  1. That the images do not have a unique height and width.
  2. that the lazy load should be turned off.

I tried the width and height of the images, that had no effect.

It ended up being the “Lazy Load” setting for the images. I then set this setting to “Auto” and the images were displayed immediately in the designer.

OK. Problem solved. :slight_smile:

Kind regards