Webflow - 2 Domains, 1 Host

Client has 1 webflow account and two domains:

Current setup is:
Webflow Hosting -> main-website.com
Alt Redirect Site -> alt-website.com(.) -> 302 -> main-website.com(.)

main-website.com is working as intended, and alt-website.com is currently redirecting to main-website.com

What we want to accomplish is following:
Webflow Hosting -> main-website.com AND alt-website.com

main-website.com is SEO friendly
alt-website.com has nofollow,noindex on ALL Pages

– Purpose

Google Ads go to alt-website.com, SEO goes to main-website.com

where alt-website.com does NOT index on google

and easy to do analytics to HOSTNAME main-website.com VS alt-website.com

Everything else (design, content, cms, page paths, etc) is the same.

Two approaches come to mind:

  1. Add another site plan, use robots.txt.
  2. Try to reverse proxy the existing site with varnish and/or nginx or apache. I do this sometimes for SEM sites off webflow hosting with content replacement (phone numbers, etc…). Have not tried it on Webflow however.


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Thanks @webdev

I passed this on to co-developer, and he says might be doable with some htaccesss trickery.

Are you aware of syntax to disallow only domain name?

User-agent: bot-name
Disallow: alt-website.com/

^ Curious if this works we’ll see