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Webdesign issues. HELP

Hi, I am Ali. I am totally new on webflow with no background knowledge of webdesign. I am learning through webflow and you guys. This is the best platform ever.
I have got my first webdesign project on fiverr. I got a clonable template and start modifying it. All of it went well, until I tried to embed some custom code to add age verification page. I did delete and undo things but the damage has been done.
now I am facing two problems.
1- I created a grid, there is a card on one side that is set to “sticky” and on the side there are pictures that scroll. This works fine while we are in preview mode, but when I publish the site this doesn’t work.

2- Something weird happened to responsiveness, everything got stacked up on each other in mobile landscape and portrait view. I tried everything in my power to fix it but nothing is working for me.
I have a deadline of tomorrow to submit my website. This is my first project and I don’t want to a bad review.
Please help me guys. you are my first and last hope.
under is the read only link

Hi Ali,

I would be glad to help you with this.

Did you try doing a backup restore to a previous point before this happened?