Web Hosting on a Different Platform

Please I created a website on Webflow but my client wants to host on a different platform, qserver, how do i go about this?
I contacted qserver support and they sent me this “Please note that Only an active/online Cpanel hosting service can be migrated to our servers. If your current host uses cPanel, we can complete the migration for you. If the current host uses a different control panel, you will have to migrate your data yourself manually”

Please I need assistance.

Also suggesting you this here: Export your Webflow Site to GitHub Automated, Export CMS, WebP, GDPR Issue Resolver, AVIF Images, Lazy Loading Images, Videos, Iframes and more for free

You can host with that on any location you want, while continue designing in Webflow :slight_smile: . Or you can also run that one time based, how you want