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Web Form to be exported

Hi there, i have checked the forum but i cannot find a tutorial about to make a contact form working outside webflow. Do i need to create a php separatelly or change something in the javascript file?
Thanks. Luca.

What I did is the following:

  • I created a new webflow site, add a webflow form and styled it
  • Exported the site with just the form centered and stuck on top
  • Edited the form code to reflect the external form I wanted originally
  • Embeded this form in an iframe and making sure the fallback link is set on a webflow page with target set to “parent” or “_top”

It works very well and I have a nice template for future external forms. I even applied this solution the make Marketo forms work in Webflow. And Marketo is a powerful but pain in the ass piece of software!

Hi Vincent, the problem is i am quite new to webflow and i am not that good with codes, i was just hoping for an easier solution.