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Web Flow Integration and Downloadable PDF

Hi Webflow,

I’m very new to Webflow and I’m in desperate need of some assistance. I am trying to add a form on a blog article (CSS) so that when a user submits their information it redirects their information to our sales team(through our CRM on Hubspot) and it also needs to automatically send that user an email with the PDF attached.

  1. How do I integrate the form to Hubspot so data can go to Sales and Leads on Hubpot
  2. How do I set up the email that will get sent to users immediately after with the PDF? Should I host the PDF on a separate page within Webflow and in the email that they receive redirect to the page on site with PDF? Hopefully this makes sense.

I’m sure this isn’t as complicated as it seems, but I would really appreciate your help! :slight_smile: