Web Developer Says He Cannot Edit Template

Hello, I am new to Webflow. I run a company and have hired a web developer to create the site. I have purchased the higher tier plan and he has my login to make edits. I then purchased a template to make things easier for the designer as he did not have experience with Webflow.

He Is now complaining that there are a lot of design restrictions and he cannot implement the edits I want. All of these design edit suggestions are both simple, and also taken from other web flow templates so know that Webflow is capable of doing them.

My question is - does using a template limit the editing freedom? If the answer is yes, then would creating a site from scratch get around this restriction issue? If no, then is my developer just not familiar enough with the product yet and does not know how to make changes?

If the templates do indeed restrict design freedom, Could he simple copy the elements of the template I purchased and paste them into a new site? Would that then give me more freedom to make other changes?

Thanks for your help!

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Not at all. However, if the template is poorly designed, or has a very strong design approach in some area like navigation, it can be difficult to change without completely redesigning that piece.

Possibly. Depends on the changes you’re wanting, and the template design you’re currently working with. There’s a difference between “I bought a small house, now I want a different color,” and “I bought a small house, now I want to be a 3 story 10 bedroom floating hotel.”

A template doesn’t limit you, in the same way that a house don’t limit you. But you might have to knock down some walls and make structural changes if you’re doing significant remodeling.

My guess is that it’s mostly about experience, there is definitely a learning curve with Webflow. But it’s important to know what you have and what you’re asking for, too, to understand the level of rework required.