Web Dev Tools finding Webflow interactions

Thought this would be easy but I have 1 div and 1 heading class name kat colour red.
I have a on page load (loaded) interaction just to change text colour of kat to green.

All I am trying to do is to find where this happens as I checking a website for similar but its a live one but built by webflow.

I have opened every file in sources and the only time I can find kat in when its defined in html
Tried pausing scripts on load etc.

Here is the very basic page

I would have thought it was in the webflow.js (webflow.7761f0269.js)

Here is the live link for Web Dev Tools

Any thoughts?

The binding for that element in IX2 is data-w-id="e3d2d2e6-8d2a-6c80-6779-eedc5b8ca02e" so you can search the code for the value and you will find it inside an actionItems array in your webflow.776f0269.js file.

Thanks Jeff,
I will study your reply.