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I have an python script . can I use webflow as a front end with python being backend

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Hi @Pranav_Viswanathan, without knowing the details of what you’re looking for I can give a definite answer. Though, if you are planning to send dynamic data through some sort of API that should be possible.

I actually have ML generated insights which I have done using python and I want it to be displayed through a website…
That’s my project and I wish to display it in a website
So is it possible to do it in webflow?

You’d have to host the Python scripts somewhere else, but you can embed the JS/HTML/CSS you need to so you can obtain that data/information and display on the site that is hosted via Webflow.

You could export your site and host it all together elsewhere too if you have the right account plan.

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I haven’t worked in this field for a long time, so I had to hire guys who knew their way around it professionally when I placed an order.