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Web Content on the Apple Watch?


I have been watching the WWDC 2018 where it was announced that in Watch OS 5 you’ll be able to view minimal web content on your watch (Like a Restaurant menu). Just wondering how useful you think this will be and if so what other use cases could you use this for?

Right now I’m not convinced this is such a useful feature and seems like its teetering on (the law of) diminishing returns… Happy to be convinced otherwise though :smiley:

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I jokingly predicted this in past workshops. But its real now.

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The new breakpoint is 312px

PG you’ve got a real coffee obsession problem.

coffee lipsum :wink:

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I need this!

Currently use LittleIpsm that runs in the menubar.


We’ll need to wait for more documentation to come out, hopefully this week. How can we define what content is seen on the :apple:Watch and that’s assuming we can at all. It might me an implementation of ML (machine learning) serving up what it thinks is best and leaving us as designers out of the equation.

My other big question out of this keynote concerning web design is how does the dark mode on macOS and Safari webkit affect sites if at all. I was unclear if sites would need to do anything to prepare for this feature.

I don’t think it’ll effect websites. Just the browser’s chrome UI, not the actual site designs.

Yes. That would be the default mode for sure.

Just wondering if it’s possible to server an alternate “dark mode” CSS alongside the normal style sheet. Then Safari knowing that the system is set to dark mode would request the dark mode from a site. If it exist, then that would be what loads. If no alternate dark mode css exist, then Safari loads the default css.

With iX2 we can easily create a dark mode on sites with ease. Just want to know if the browser and site can communicate to each other (just like they do with breakpoints).


I have to say I’m liking the new content on your Youtube Channel @PixelGeek!

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thanks for watching! :bowing_man:

I use that one to, it would be nice if you could add some own Ipsum to that program.

Yeah, like little ipsum mods that can be loaded in for different language styles. That would be cool.

Lets make it official:
Breakpoint is actually 320px

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This is usually the smallest I design for already.

Right, It has some special things to it.

320x357 px at a .49 scale
We need the 320 breakpoint and those metatags and form adjustments.