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Web agency : Webflow business

We are a very small french communication agencie (2.5 personns). We are originally speciallised in Joomla! website with a lot of content and function.
Now we are looking for how to simplify the work between us (design<->code) and webflow seems to be very great for that and looking for making smaller website for smaller business.

For this I’m looking for making all with webflow CMS of course but I’m not sure on what is the best way to achieve that. French Client billing is not operationnal for the moment so how can I do ?

  • We have to create a personnal plan for our clients ? And the bill will be 16+10*12 = 312$/year (twice the price of a Jimdo, Wix or square ?) adding our design and form integration (800/1200$) Or there is an other way to do that ? I really prefer to do all the work with WF but annual fee is quite expensive for our small clients.

  • Creating the static content with our personnal plan and integrate in in a lightweight CMS like Bolt for a total of 1600$ + 72$/year of hosting. More complex but client own is website.

Thanks for reading

Usually what brands do is have a professional plan or a team plan on Webflow where you manage all your websites. Hope this answers your question. :wink:

I believe client billing within Webflow is available for Professional and Team plans.

Here is the setup and info link:

It seems as though France is in the ‘coming soon’ section, so one possible solution would be to setup a Stripe atlas account. This allows you to incorporate a U.S. company. You would then be able to access Webflow Client Billing.

Atlas found here:

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