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We’re going hands-off on custom code

Hi everyone,

Until recently, we had processes in place to “clean up” custom code added to your projects. This process was applied both in the Designer and on published sites.

But after a few issue reports, we’ve decided to stop cleaning up custom code. The custom code feature was built to give you more flexibility, and in some cases, our cleanup ended up being more of a limitation, preventing users from employing certain PHP scripts (on exported sites), or templating frameworks like Moustache or Handlebars.

So, we’re going to stop automatically applying this clean up process for custom code that you add to your sites, starting on February 12, 2018.

What’s that mean for you?

For the majority of you: nothing. But just to be sure, please double-check that you’re not using any self-closing iframe or object elements in your custom code. If you are, you’ll want to manually close those tags.

For example: If you’re using:
<iframe src="" />

You’ll want to update it to:
<iframe src="" ></iframe>

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Thanks!


This is actually good news! Thanks for the heads-up!


Here is a third party tool that accepts html and checks to make sure that all tags are closed, it may be helpful to find unclosed tags in existing custom code snippets:

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