Way to use of keywords?

I am using keywords in my content but I am confused about the uses of targeted keyword.
Is there any particular way to use the keywords in the content by which we can make it SEO friendly ?

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Short Q for huge topic. If your keyword is paris - Way to use:

  • url slug (wwww.mysite/why-to-visit-paris)
  • Meta title
  • Meta descriptions
  • Heading (h1-h6)
  • body-content - rich text / p / and so on
  • links (inbound and outbount to “Paris official site” and so on)
  • links title + links anchor text
  • Images caption/heading
  • Images file name (paris-at-night.jpeg)
  • Images Alts (Paris lorem ipsum)
  • OG data (for facebook/twitter…and so on)
  • Videos (and videos transcript)
  • Schema.org data

Maybe I miss something but ± this is the idea. Not all places have the same value (Title or H1 > more important than image in the footer with alt “paris”).

When you using keyword is good to know this term "keyword-density":

And this topic -keyword-stuffing


This is such a well thought out answer; well done.

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Thanks a lot for a such a wonderful explanation…